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The only thing worse than Coco Montrese or Jade Jolie are Coco and Jade teaming up.

This Untucked has solidified it for me. I have zero respect for either of them anymore.

Coco is an older queen who’s been doing drag long enough that she could be a Latrice or a Chad, but instead she chooses to get involved with all of the pettiness and drama that literally no one in the season needs. She’s not just immature, she’s immature despite the fact that she’s had YEARS to grow and develop as a performer, and that’s not only disappointing, it’s downright shameful.

Jade is a sprepper. There’s no other way to say it. She is the DEFINITION of someone who thinks they’re the sweetest bitch around, then just turn into a major cunt any time someone tries to come for them. I really thought I’d like her this season, but she’s turned out to just be a petty little girl who wants to slide by in the competition by making fake, two-faced friendships and acting SHOCKED when people don’t like her backstabbing attitude.

The two of them together is just the ultimate boogerdom and I’m SO not here for it. If they’re not the next two to go home, I’m going to be so disappointed. Once they’re gone, this season will REALLY get good.

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